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Everything you need to know...

  • What's this all about?  100 years ago, an unknown magician called Arthur Boardman performed an impossible trick using five gold sovereign coins. The secret of this has never been revealed and remains to this day, one of the greatest mysteries within the magical community.  Countless experts have spent years analysing and investigating.  None have come close to concluding how Arthur carried out the illusion.  Now, almost 100 years to the day since the original performance of The Sovereign, we are fortunate to be able to finally the reveal this secret. Along with this secret, we will also be giving away one of the original coins used in the performance all those years ago.

  • How do I know this is real?  The coin is a 1915, George V, 22 carat gold sovereign and in addition to revealing the secret, and handing over the coin at the end of this event, a document will also be provided that provides full and detailed information regarding the Sovereign's historical provenance and value. The winner will take away both the document and the coin, and we believe these ensure the prize will hold much more than a monetary value to the fortunate winner.  

  • Can you tell me more about the trick?  This website contains everything you need to know about the Sovereign along with some additional tips and hidden clues.

  • So how can I win the coin?  Simple. We are asking for you to carry out one task: do a good deed and tell us about it.  And that's it.  Nothing more.  The responses we receive will be reviewed, and a small number of people who's actions best reflect the memory and intent of Arthur's work, will be invited to compete in a final game.  The winner of this will walk away with the gold coin, and the secret of the sovereign.

  • Where do I send details of my good deed?  Please send your entries either via email to or direct message this Page.  Entries can also be via twitter (@thesovereign1915) but come with the usual limitations on text.

  • What's the final game?  There will be an event held in a public location before Christmas and will require attendance in person by the lucky finalists who are selected. You can of course bring friends and family.  We cannot reveal the final tasks that will determine the winner, but Arthur was a fun loving person who enjoyed a wide variety of card and board games. There will also be additional clues and updates on social media that will provide more information and potentially help you if you reach the final - so please keep watching facebook and twitter for more information.

  • And I just need to do one good deed to have a chance of winning?  That's it?  Yes.  It could be anything: small or large.  Aimed at anyone: friend or stranger.  We just ask that you send details through to the Facebook page or email address and provide as much context and background information as possible.  If you have photo's that can further highlight what you have done, all the better.  We know that no one needs an excuse to do a good deed, but with the busy lives we all lead, it is rare to take the time out of the day to offer something positive to another person.  So use this as an excuse.  An excuse to do something good.  It may take two minutes out of your day, but could have a huge impact to another person.  And you never know, you could walk away with this historical prize and long kept secret.  To give you the best understanding of the context of Arthur's work, and increase your chance to get to the final event, we also suggest you read the additional information available on this website.


  • But why a good deed?  Upon retiring from magic, Arthur devoted his life to doing good deeds - nearly all of which were presented to deserving an un-suspecting members of the public with no knowledge of who was behind them.  Arthur loved the surprise, mystery and hope that his actions would cause, but he would never look for thanks.  This event, the revealing of the long held secret of the sovereign, are inspired by Arthur's actions.  We would like as many people as possible to get involved and drive a wave of positivity to continue Arthur's legacy and inspire a new generation.     

  • What are the clues on social media now though?  A number of clues will lead you to hidden items across both the city of Norwich and around the UK.  These items will give you more information about the final game and if you are looking enough to get there, a potential advantage.  You do not need to find one of these to win The Sovereign - but they may provide you with an advantage…

  • Why is the secret being told now?  We cannot answer this currently, but it will be clear when the coin is handed over and the secret finally revealed.

If you have any questions or queries in regards to any elements of this, please do get in touch.  We are unable to provide any help or support in finding clues or how you can win the coin, but clarification of the steps involved or logistical queries will all be answered…

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